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Apple has approached McLaren Technology Group, the British supercar engineer and Formula One team owner, about a potential acquisition, in the clearest sign yet that the iPhone maker is seeking to transform the automotive industry.苹果(Apple)已洽谈英国超级跑车工程企业、一级方程式(Formula One)车队东家迈凯伦技术集团(McLaren Technology Group),商讨潜在并购事宜,这是目前为止指出这家iPhone制造商于是以谋求转变汽车业的最具体迹象。The California technology group, which has been working on a self-driving electric vehicle for more than two years, was considering a full takeover of McLaren or a strategic investment, according to three people briefed on the negotiations who said talks started several months ago.征询了情况讲解的三名人士称之为,谈判是在几个月之前开始的。苹果致力于研发一款自动驾驶电动汽车有数两年多,这家加州科技集团考虑到全面并购迈凯伦,或对其展开战略投资。


A tie-up with McLaren, whose expertise ranges from automotive engineering and on-board computer systems to novel chassis materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium, could push forward Apple’s secretive automotive project.迈凯伦的技术专长还包括汽车工程、车载计算机系统以及精致底盘材料(如碳素纤维和铝合金)。与迈凯伦结盟有可能有助前进苹果谜样的汽车项目。Apple and McLaren declined to comment.苹果和迈凯伦皆拒绝接受置评。

The lossmaking automotive group was likely to be valued at between £1bn and £1.5bn, the people said, adding that it was not clear a deal would be done. 上述人士称之为,亏损的迈凯伦未来将会超过10亿至15亿英镑的估值;他们补足称之为,尚能不确切能否达成协议交易。That would make it Apple’s biggest acquisition since the $3bn purchase of Beats Electronics, the audio group founded by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, in 2014.若顺利,那将是苹果自2014年以30亿美元并购Beats Electronics以来仅次于并购;Beats是由Dr Dre和吉米约维内(Jimmy Iovine)创办的音响集团。Earlier this year, Apple invested $1bn in Didi Chuxing, the Chinese ride-hailing company. 今年早些时候,苹果向中国网约车企业滴滴上下班(Didi Chuxing)投资10亿美元。That deal was Apple’s largest equity investment to date, as chief executive Tim Cook gradually breaks with the Silicon Valley company’s aversion to large deals.那笔交易是苹果目前为止做出的仅次于股权投资。


首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)于是以渐渐道别这家硅谷公司不愿做到大笔投资交易的传统。McLaren produces luxury sports cars that can cost as much as $1m apiece and owns an advanced technologies group as well as the eponymous Formula One racing team. 迈凯伦生产售价高达100万美元的奢华跑车,并享有一家先进设备技术集团以及同名的F1车队。The owners of McLaren Technology control 80 per cent of McLaren Automotive. 迈凯伦技术的东家掌控着迈凯伦汽车(McLaren Automotive) 80%股份。

It produced 1,654 vehicles last year, generating revenues of £450m, and has pledged to invest £1bn in the next six years on research and development.去年该公司的产量超过1654辆,营收为4.50亿英镑,公司允诺未来6年向研发投放10亿英镑。McLaren Technology reported revenues of £265m and pre-tax losses of £22.6m in 2014, its last published accounts. 根据迈凯伦技术已发布的近期财报,其2014年营收为2.65亿英镑,税前亏损2260万英镑。It is owned by Ron Dennis, its chairman, Mansour Ojjeh, and Mumtalakat, Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund.公司所有者为董事长罗恩丹尼斯(Ron Dennis)、曼苏尔欧耶(Mansour Ojjeh)以及巴林主权财富基金Mumtalakat。

Apple’s interest in the Woking-based company centres on its technology, engineering prowess and patent portfolio, according to people briefed on the talks. 据前述知情人士讲解,苹果对这家总部坐落于英国萨里郡沃金(Woking)的公司的兴趣集中于后者的技术、工程实力和专利人组。However, those people cautioned that it was unclear if a deal would go ahead following a recent shift in Apple’s car strategy.但这些人士规劝称之为,在苹果最近转变汽车战略后,不确切会否达成协议交易。Since 2014, Apple has built up a team of hundreds of engineers and designers to work on the electric car venture, including recruits from companies such as Tesla and Mercedes-Benz. 自2014年以来,苹果将数百名工程师和设计师投放电动汽车项目,这支团队还包括从特斯拉(Tesla)和梅赛德斯-飞驰(Mercedes-Benz)挖来的人才。Its original team leader, Steve Zadesky, left earlier this year, and Apple veteran Bob Mansfield took over the project.最初的团队领导者史蒂夫扎德斯基(Steve Zadesky)今年早些时候辞职,由苹果老将鲍勃曼斯菲尔德(Bob Mansfield)接掌该项目。



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